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  • Shortly About Me

    'Textile is a wonderful material. It is surrounding our life with a multitude of never-ending images and characters. Therefore I'm always on the lookout for another way to use it. My curiosity started when I was a little girl and this passion endures to this day. Allow me to introduce you to the vivid, colourful world of textile.'

    'Aliz Tordai, art historian: It was a long time ago that I heard from a textile designer to create tapestry with looping, riyjy and gorog szumak. Using different techniques not including the traditional gobelin is so modern. She loves her work.' 2003 Alomhaz

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    Contemporary art flags

    Living tradition
    flag for the National day


    Code World Exhibition
    The world of barcodes and
    2d creative codes

    Living fabric - computer graphics

  • My Bio

    Gabi V Lorincz is one of those textile artists who are not only designers but create their works of textile by hand. She studied several fabrication methods in her early school years like embroidery, batik works, macrame, planking, weaving. She's won a media studies scholarship to get better aquintad with animation. Since that time both textile and animation became part of her artistic life. She started to experiment with the traditional textile way, abandoning planar technique to reach plasticity with looping and knotting. The Jury of Dombovar Amateur Film Festival rewarded her with a shared a special awards for a short animated film. Her innovative ventures in textile studies have continued during the college years. The Finnish Study Year took effect to on her textile technique. She was just 25 years old when she was asked to create two large-scale textiles for public buildings in Helsinki. After the homecoming from Helsinki she is full of free creative attitude and her new works affect her contemporaries as well. With the special Riyjy Akvarel Paintings she won the Grand Award of Diosy-Nagyajtai Foundation. She introduced Riyjy technique to the Hungarian contemporary art of textile. Through her creations she answers the challenge of modern interior decoration. In her carpets, tapestries, textile matters and also in her paintings and art works, she creates a special visual world by using bright colors, contrasts or delicate color graduations.

    'By the world of textile, taking photographs is part of her life, too. She is watching the nature through a textile artist's eyes that appears in her photo series to show the world another face. Mostly these photographs help her create a new textile. During her study of art in the high school years she made a traditional three minutes long animation, and nowdays the passion of the animation is getting stronger in her.'

    Teaching is a very important part of Gabi’s work. She is aspiring to endear the textile profession to her students and she is dealing with the talents, too. Gabi has been teaching in school for ten years, where she created her uniqe educational program. Her students participated in several exhibitions, competitions and their creations were in such textile markets. She was invited to hold lectures about her special textile method in universities and in workshops of art.

  • Contemporary art flags for the National Day on march 15th. Living Tradition - flag for the event.
    2015. march 13th

    Code World design exhibition
    The world of barcodes and 2d creative codes.
    Design Terminal - Living fabric computer graphics.
    2014. november 28-30th

    On 2014 october 11th, as part of the Design Week Open Studios programme, Lorincz V Gabi awaited the visitors in her studio. Mostly young people came before making career choise who observed with curiosity the process of design and realization the equipment and the graphic and painting techniques aswell. While Gabi gave lectures in one room, in another room the visitors could watch short films about her work while waiting. With the help of Czinege Priszcilla the guests could try the ryijy knotting technique. The day passed in a good mood with many valuable conversations

    My Homeland
    Tisza Cinema Szolnok Hungary 2014 October

    Design Without Limits
    10th Made in Hugary Exhibition
    Budapest Hungary 2014 October
    Designers: Lorincz V Gabi and Lorincz Jonathan

    Labirynth Art Exhibition
    Malom Exhibition Hall Szentendre Hungary 2014 September

    Seed. Good sowing, good harvest. Thematic exhibition.
    VarMezo Gallery Budapest, 1 July 2014

    Design Exhibition and Market
    Max City Torokbalint, Hungary 16-18 May 2014

    Besides Watercourses - Photo-Textile-Graphics
    VarMezo Gallery Budapest, Hungary 11-30 April 2014

    Otthon Design - Home and Design - Construma Hungexpo
    Tapestry and Home Decoration
    Budapest, Hungary 2-6 April 2014

    Babits: Book of Jonah Memorial Exhibition
    On the Path of Jonas - pictogram series
    Esztergom Hungary, 9 April 2014

    Madefalva in the Contemporary Arts
    Exhibition tour in honour of the memorial year.
    Media category - Fate of the Nation
    film etude inspired by the poem of Janos Arany
    Supported by the Balassi Institution in Sepsiszentgyorgy
    and the Mayor's Office of Madefalva - 8 February 2014

    Fate of the Nation

    Petofi Memorial Exhibition
    Petofi Birthplace and Memorial Museum
    Kiskoros Hungary, 31 December 2013 - 20 February 2014

    4th Textile Triennial of Textileart Museum of Applied Arts
    Budapest Hungary 20 December 2013

    Four Elements
    Underwater Exhibition Szentendre 05 September 2013

    Made in Hungary - Design Week Budapest
    26 September 2013

    PELSO Ceramic and Goblein Biennale - Balaton Museum Keszthely 25 May 2013

    Art and Aqua Exhibition
    Brussels 11 April 2013

  • My Services

    -Designing and making textile tapestries according to unique claims
    -Designing and making carpets according to unique claims
    -Making textile decoration in the flat according to unique claims. For example, curtains, pillows, decoration objects for tables, table-covers, patchwork pictures, textile objects.
    -Handmade weaving unique textile clothes and accessories, like coat, scarf, stole, reticule, jewelry.
    -Handmade looping accessories: scarf, jewel scarf, stole, chapeau, bracelet, reticule.

    -Tutorial course of textile methods for children and adults.
    -Taking presentation on the following topics:

    - My experiments Describe the personal creative works
    - Basic loops Textile Structures for students and teachers
    - The Beauty of Art The birth of modern textile art
    - The Crimson Tutorial Program Unique tutorial method of how can we teach the textile in elementary school of art

  • 2013 Budapest - teaching ryijy technique - Ethnographic Museum

    2013 Budapest - Teaching ryijy technique - Ethnographic Museum

    2006 Eger - Lecture - Kepes Centre - Basic Knitworks

    2005 Kaposvar - Lecture - Kaposvar Weaving Club - Experiments

  • Contour Looping

    Contour Looping 2

    Sculpturesque Knotting

    Sculpturesque Knotting 2

    Layered Knotting

    Art Tapestry


    Riyjy Experimentation

    Riyjy Rug

    Riyjy Tapestry 1

    Riyjy Tapestry 2



    Hand-tuffting Tapestry

    Hand-tuffting Carpets

    Handmade Rugs

    Looped Scarves

    Warped Scarves






    For Children 1

    For Children 2

  • Textile design for hotel interior - first theme

    Textile design for hotel interior - second theme

  • Contact Info

    Gabi V Lorincz

    H-1024 Logodi St. 34/B, Budapest, Hungary

    Telephone:+36 30 733 21 22

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  • Shortly about Me

    'The feature of the textil designer Lorincz V Gabi is finding decorative ways in the world of tapestries and carpets. She is a brave and an experimenting designer. The various textile technics are used in her work of art on unique way.'
    'She creates and plans tapestries, carpets, interior decoration textiles, woven materials, dresses, other accessories, like jewel scarves or special purses. She takes lectures gladly about different textil technics or her own way of art all around Hungary.'
    'Her works of art are exposed in public buildings or private collector not just in Hungary but in foreign countries, too. She always participates in national or international exhibitions, markets of art. Her creations are filled with the love of profession and high knowledgement, as well as she always works with new and unknown technics meekly and freely.'


    Secondary School of Arts, Pecs
    University of Applied Arts, Budapest
    Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
    Study course in Helsinki to research the special finnish textile design, riyjy


    1992 - Foundation of Diosy-Nagyajtai, Grand Award
    1983 - National Amateur Film Review, Dombovar - Special Award for animation film

    Notable Exhibitions:

    Group Exhibitions: 2014 - Kodvilag Design Exhibitiob - Budapest, Design Terminal 2014 - My Home Country (Nekem Szulohazam) film contest - Szolnok Hungary, Aba Novak Agora Cultural Center a Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year. Fim of the Nation film etude 2014 Design without limits 10. Madeinhungary Design Exhibition - New Budapest Gallery 2014 - Labirintus National Art Exhibition Szentendre Malom Exhibition Center 2014 - Seed. Good Sowing Good Harvest. (Mag. Jo vetes, jo aratas.) Thematic exhibition. On the occasion of Harvesting Day. VarMezo Gallery Budapest, 2014 - Otthon Design Construma Hungexpo Budapest 2014 - 1. SICULICIDIUM 250 International Art Exhibition Series - Romania - Madefalva, Szekelyudvarhely, Sepsiszentgyorgy, Marosvasarhely, Csikszereda - A haza sorsa cimu filmetud 2013 - PELSO - Ceramic and Goblein Biennale, Keszthely, Hungary 2013 - Art and Aqua - Bruxelles ARTour Gallery 2012 - IV. International Textile Triennale, Szombathely, Hungary International Ribbon Exhibition International Mini Textile Exhibition 2008 - Pontom Gallery, professional exhibition after the master degree 2007 - Museum of Applied Arts, Collection of the II. Textile Triennale